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Wow-Factors Expo Services

We are a leading producer of some of the most influential events in the tradeshow and special event industry. Our event professionals are cross-trained in audio-visual, custom design and all trade show services. By combining our professional knowledge, state-of-the-art CAD programs, innovation and attention to detail, we provide our clients with a unique and creative event production and design experience.


Our partners at Evans Audio-Visual along with the Wow-Factors Event Furiture and Decor divison combine with Wow-Factors Expo to offer the complete show experience. For more information on services offered by Evans Audio-Visual and Wow-Factors follow the links below. 

Wow-Factors Expo Services

5305 Commerce Square Dr.

Indianapolis, IN 46237

Tel: 317.420.3970
Fax: 317.889.8880

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